Feb 152009

“Some D.J.’s get a chance to become producers and some even recording artest. I have been one of those D.J.’s who did it all baby just like that. My time D.J.ing and traveling the world mixing for everyone who never knew I was a D.J. and finding out how good a D.J. I am is really cool to see them go wild. When I mix “Planet Rock” backwards they all go bizerk.”

Egyptian Lover på Inkonst i Malmö!
Datum: 13/3 Tid: 23-03 Rum: Klubben Entré: 100:- (in-get förköp, kom i tid) Ålder: 20 år.

“I borrowed a few lines from other raps I wrote. It was so much fun in the studio I had to go back and record some more. I booked the time and grabbed my notebook of raps and went in to record my solo project “Beast Beats”. My mother and sister read the title of my song and said “You better not make that song, don’t play with the devil” So I went to the studio and changed my mind and programmed the beat to “Egypt Egypt” . I did not think this song was going to be a big hit, I just wanted a song to play at the dances I was D.J.ing at to say my name in it ( I was kinda vain).”

Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt (12” Original Mix) (yousendit) – tillsammans med Numbers och Simulationszeitalter ett av de fetaste electro-spåren någonsin.

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