Jul 182008

K-Rino. He’s releasing a triple CD, just like MF Grimm did… they are both pretentious in a good way, which is rare in rap (or in any field, I guess).

Like K-Rino, Grimm is a special MC, very serious, very creative, very original… and the man is in a wheelchair since 1994! Wikipedia adds:

“Facing narcotics and conspiracy charges, Grimm was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2000. He paid a one-day bail of $100,000, recording The
Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera
in those twenty-four hours.[7] During his stay
in jail, Grimm studied law. After filing many counter-suits, he was able to
reduce his sentence to three years and he was released in 2003.”

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  1. yo i think i gotta lämna a coment.

    shit va jävla fet record.
    helt jävla mad.

    han övertygar verkligen. gilla första å andra plattan men dom e lite ojämna.
    detta e helt raw.

    bästa på länge.

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