Jun 192007


“Having lived in a similar feeling setting – a surburban wasteland full of stoned drones – I was very creeped out by the characters and how real they seemed. Unlike most movies, it was easy to imagine someone you know in the same role. It struck close to home at how apathetic and aimless these teenagers were. Watch American news for an hour and try to feel emotion for anything portrayed there and you’ll understand why the people in this story are so frustrated and restless with their situation. It’s saddens and disturbs me. “

Det här var Keanu Reeves enda goda skådespelarprestation i sin karriär tills huvudrollen i Richard Linklaters mästerverk A Scanner Darkly (antagligen den bästa filmen på senare år). Förutom Neo-Bob-Arctor rymmer River’s Edge både Dennis Hopper och Crispin Glover.

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