Jan 072007

1982-83… somewhere in there, that’s where everything–as far as I recollect–started. It came out of rap, stuff like Sugar Hill, “Rapper’s Delight.” Kraftwerk was the beginning of it as far as I’m concerned. People were listening to electronic stuff, but nothing really had a groove or a beat before Kraftwerk started. When Autobahn came out, it was totally mind-blowing. I remember sitting in a taxi-cab smoking a joint with the window open, I passed it to the driver, and when we got in front of my apartment–and I’m talking like 70-something–Kraftwerk came on. He turned the meter off and we just sat there and said, “Whoa, what’s that?”


It sounds like you were doing rave stuff before it was anything. I mean, there was disco, but the 808 with all the glitter, that was something else.

Well, I hung around with the Andy Warhol crowd. We grew up in the glitter, freakazoid 70′s free love and drugs and that kind of stuff. So my manifestation of it in the 80′s was just an extension of what I already knew. It was performance and theatre art and music combined into one.

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