Jun 122006

Det här är såklart en av de bästa pop-hiphop-låtarna någonsin, tillsammans med Snoops Beautiful och Let’s Get Blown, eller varför inte Will Smiths egna Summertime.

På filmduken har han alltid levererat oavsett vad för nån dum skit han haft att arbeta med. Mats sa att William borde ha en egen film; manus, regi, huvudroll, soundtrack. Det skulle vara en cool, rolig film, och kön till bion skulle vrida sig runt kvarteret.

(kungen av den här pop-hiphopskiten)

What I always liked and respected about the Fresh Prince was that he was true to himself. As a rapper he didn’t want to be anything more
than an entertainer. Aside from one line in his pre-Will Smith catalog (You saw my blinker…. ah shit… if you’re a fan like me you can finish that line) the Fresh Prince never strayed away from party rhymes and having a good time. Hip hop was much different back then. It was OK to listen to gangsta shit like NWA and then listen to the Fresh Prince because there were less haters and more fans. Back then, every critic wasn’t a struggling closet rapper and people could appreciate the difference in hip hop music, as opposed to today where critics and regionalization are pushing the divide further.

In the 80s respect came from how well you could rock a live set, and as the Fresh Prince proves here… he was a master at it. You can tell by the enthusiasm of his voice that the Fresh Prince had a star quality in him that could possibly transcend rap at some point.

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