Jan 202006

what’s good and bad is relative, never beyond neutral
but if you fuck with my family, I shoot you, I’m too cruel
my poverty, got me bugging, commiting armed robbery
voted the most propable to die violently
who the fuck are you STUPID, I carry TWO CLIPS
one to murder you, the other to SHOOT PIGS

William “I got mixtape verses that shit on your entire album” Braunstein på Street Villains vol. 1 – medan den yngre broderns stil numera oftast stavas mjölksyra, blir Bill bara bättre och bättre, och det är i hans freestyles på de två volymerna Street Villains som detta visas allra bäst.

hit the studio with an eightball and an ounce
chop up lines, record eight songs and I’m out
so flavourful, fuck up your face, give you a razor-ful
your life and a pile of shit’s interchangeable
we’re top shelf, won’t stop ’til we’re
paid in full
reign in blood my destruction is unattainable
we’re morbid thieves in
Jordan 3′s
we attack you like
swarm of bees, we’re all creeps
I flip drugs and pimp sluts and spit dust
and distrust, anybody that isn’t us,


lite senare:

Förvisso, freestyles i all ära – det är nog ändå soloskivan och The Future Is Now som verkligen visar vad Ill Bill är kapabel till.

The Future Is Now, nuclear shower y’all, powerball
I devour all, buildings collapse, towers fall
Killers with gats, millions of carnivores, start the war
Shoot rocket launchers riding on dinosaurs
Flying saucers, meet the Bible’s author, reveal alien tribal culture
Who designed the DNA structure, genetic functions
Are we made in a laboratory of God’s construction?
What’s the combustion Big Bang
Gangbangers that spit slang, be the truth
Not that King James version they teach in schools
Jesus knew, he was thugged out too
A bugged out dude, a loose cannon
In my future we use Magnums, bombs and explosives
I spit like Muhammed and Moses
Ganja smokin, thoughts in constant motion, my mind is ferocious
I spit for gangstas and maniacs that defy prognosis
It’s Ill Bill, my reality’s my psychosis


My life is like a drug experience, a porno
movie with no plot, and I’m the only guy in it

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