Jan 182006

“I suppose your suggestion would be that I paint a big sign and join some non-violent picket-line; but no thanks again. That is for people who feel guilty and i don’t. (…) I have in recent months come to have a certain feeling for Joe Hill and that Wobbly crowd who, if nothing else, had the right idea. But not the mechanics. I believe the IWW was probably the last human concept in american politics.”

“What you can’t seem to get through your head is the fact that the Establishment over here is swinging like mad and they (?) well to be cleverly harassed. This is part of the game.”

“The hippie thing is over; now they’re all desperate refugees and beggars. Or serious dope freaks. They’re a drag to be around, but in fact they always were.”

(The Proud Highway)

“Abandon all hope. Prepare for the weirdness. Get familiar with cannibalism.”

(Kingdom of Fear)

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