Aug 262005

“Nobody wants me to write the truth. People avoid my reality. They don’t want to hear my truth. They’d rather hear somebody rap about they shot up 20 blocks and murdered eight dudes yesterday, they drive 17 cars, they got four dicks.”

“I’m gonna be on the album cover with pissy yellow underwear with no shirt on and call the album Pissy Pete. Pissy Pete the bed wetter. With little kids with diapers on the back cover. Then after that I am going to come out with Defecation Part 3, Return of the Shit Man.”

“I’m the top dancer, the top producer, and the top rapper. That’s all I gotta say.”

“I am getting ready to work on some other shit. I’m getting ready to write some old crazy dust type shit. Shit about me having a shootout with a nigga in space. So, niggas can’t fuck with me still. They are not on my level.”

“When I do my own thing, its open season. I’m like Elmer Fudd. I’m looking for the ducks.”

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