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“AQUARIAN: It seems that, throughout your career, you’ve always put yourself in a vulnerable position by opposing powerful forces within the country. Back in the 1950s, you published several short stories and novels that could have been labeled “subversive.” In fact, you were one of the only science fiction writers doing those kind of stories. Didn’t they get you in trouble with the authorities?

DICK: They did more than that. They got me many friendly visits from Mr. Smith and Mr. Scruggs of the FBI. They were members of the famous ‘Red Squad.’

They came to my house every week for what seemed like ever and ever and ever. And they asked many questions about my life and my writings and my political philosophy.

This, of course, made me very angry and very frightened. They asked me all about my wife, about her political philosophy, about what student groups she belonged to.

I mean I honestly expected to be called before the House Un-American Activities Committee. But I guess they didn’t consider science fiction writers that important.”


“It seems like a natural progression of sorts. I got badly burned in the political arena. I was hounded by Mr. Smith and Mr. Scruggs. I would literally get thrown out of Socialist and Communist Party meetings when I was in college for disagreeing with party doctrine. And so I turn to religion, and I find incredible bigotry. Two thousand years of history and the names change but the activity remains the same. Somebody was always throwing someone else into prison for his beliefs or burning him at the stake.

I believe that the establishment churches have lost the keys to the kingdom. They don’t even know what the Kingdom of God is.

It’s like some guy who loses the keys to his car. He knows he had them a second ago but now they’re gone. The churches, however, don’t even know what the car looks like anymore. They can’t even give a description of it to the cop.

Organized religion is crooked, dumb, and it’s lost the keys. I mean, it’s OK to be crooked and dumb, we’re all crooked and dumb. But the tragedy is that they’ve lost the keys. They can’t even point us in the right direction much less take us there.


I’ve spent the majority of my life studying and reading and seeking God, but, of course, the thing is you can’t find God. God has to find you. I’ve learned that.”


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