Jul 072005

“police murderer, im causin hysteria
i send you fuckin faggots to hell and i bury ya
ask moses my words are like the fire in the mountain
i got mixtape verses that shit on your entire album
i make the most horrifyingly vivid images
come to life, stab you in the fuckin face with my sentences
a knife sharpened by god could cut no deeper
i kick tables over with jesus there is no equal
im like lucipher the unforgiven cast out of heaven
i’d much rather rule in hell with the black mac eleven
than be a servent, i’d rather be accesory to murder
the hell on earth survival means you better be a earner
enemy mind, is you ready to die?
are you fuckin pussies mentally prepared for machetes and nines?
for the drama on your mama’s doorstep by driveby
and spray hollow tips that split your mind’s eye”

  3 Responses to “William Blake och futurismen”

  1. I need to know what track this is! Is it an Ill Bill/Non-Phixion one?

  2. Sorry, if you could email me the name of the track it would be greatly appreciated. – Andio@hotmail.co.uk

  3. its the Bury You With Satan-remix from Street Villains vol. 2 (NOT vol. 2, which had a remix of the same song)…

    well, you know… Ill Bill kills it, obviously.

    dope beat too.

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