May 242005

Nämen oj oj oj! – Shaun Partridges hemsida har äntligen fyllts upp med en massa innehåll. Texter, ljudfiler, och många fina bilder – kul och roligt! Och vi svenskar kanske tycker att det är ännu skojigare att han länkar till Swedenborg.

Och jag har äntligen hittat rätt väg till Jim Goads hemsida igen, efter mycket kringirrande i den kalla, mörka internetrymden; ska det visst vara nu för tiden, inte, om du nu, liksom jag (tills helt nyligen), inte fattat grejen.

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  2 Responses to “Shaun Partridges och Jim Goads hemsidor”

  1. Wow! Den här debattartikeln känns mycket “Jim Goad” på nåt sätt:

    Riktigt jävla bra.

  2. Nu har jag äntligen läst den där artikeln, och får hålla med dig – bra grejer.

    Hon skriver en smula träigt dock, vilket inte känns så “Jim Goad”.

    Relevanta Goad-citat:

    “HID: Did you enjoy the new Eminem movie? Any thoughts on Eminem in general? Do you think the (apparent) acceptance of Eminem by the hip hop community supports your general beliefs – that most of the racial problems in America are grounded in class discrimination and should more properly be labeled “classism”?

    GOAD: A partial list of white rappers who are better than Eminem:

    Vanilla Ice
    Marky Mark (and Donny Wahlberg)
    Those fat retards who wear the clown makeup
    That little midget who performs with Kid Rock (ed. note – we think he’s deceased now)
    Those three Jewish boys who’ve been around forever, one of whom just found Buddha

    Many of the racial problems in America are caused by the fact that people are innately tribal, and politicians know how to exploit that biological fact. And since power is built on money, it is in politicians’ best interest to fan racial unrest—even when it’s done under the guise of anti-racist touchy-mushy let’s-all-hold-hands propaganda, because anti-racism still keeps everyone’s attention fixated on race—to divert attention away from financial inequities. They do this because they know that it works.”

    “HID: You’ve called liberals and conservatives “two asscheeks surrounding the same hairy bunghole.” In light of recent events (more surveillance, billions of dollars allotted to homeland security, etc.), has the bunghole shifted at all? Are the cheeks just there for decoration or camouflage? Are we better off with these two cheeks or is one voice – one vision –one unfettered, cheekless bunghole the best thing for the country?

    GOAD: I tried to make it clear in The Redneck Manifesto that it’s unwise to ask a sociopath for advice about running society. I do think it’s ironic that people are more worried about words such as “nigger” than they are about the fact that most of the nation, black and white, is being squashed down into an abject, powerless peasantry whose government treats them all like prison inmates. But hey, it’s OK — even though our standard of living is shit compared to a generation ago, at least we don’t say “nigger” no mo’.”


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